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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fighting the Yin of the Basement

Basements, in their natural state, are bad Feng Shui. The damp, dark, and cold make them too Yin to be a good environment. But, as a household that has our only family room in our basement, I feel there is a way to combat the yin aspects and add to the living space of your home. Here are a few steps you can follow to turn around the Yin nature of your basement to make it an inviting space.
  1. Keep it dry. To remove the chance of dangerous molds and mildew it is very important to take steps to make the space dry. I always suggest a dehumidifier in a subterranean space. Some homes have to go as far as secure water proofing companies to make sure seepage issues are controlled.
  2. Let there be light. Adding as much light as possible to combat the dark. A lamp or two usually won't due, rather, overhead recessed lighting or track lighting should be used for maximum brightness. They even make compact fluorescence in daylight spectrum. Add a dimmer switch if you want to be able to control the lighting for movie watching.
  3. Wood over carpet. Using wood or tile flooring instead of carpeting is going to help with the first step. Carpet only holds moisture and adds to the possibility of molds and mildews creeping in.
  4. Lighten up. Use a light color pallet to help add to the yang and decrease the yin. Dark colors are fine but should only be used where lots of nature light is found. Light colors, like the example on the left, will brighten the entire room.
So go for it and turn that basement around. Add to the square footage and enjoyment of your home.


mamabastian said...

What is the "emotional" or spiritual/feng shui representation of mold beginning in a basement which has never had that problem before?

Fengshuimama said...

the house may be experiencing an engergy "lock" of people and health for the year or maybe the house is transitioning into a lower energy state. It's hard to say without more information on the stucture. You may need to add exterior feng shui remedies as well as de-humidifiers to combat the mold.

Susan said...

I've read that chi gets trapped in the basement. Is there a way to redirect it back upstairs. We are adding a family room and two bedrooms and the stairway will be right as you walk in the front door.

Tara Loughran said...

I have that question too about the emotional/spiritual significance of mold. My family has had to move out of various houses multiple times due to mold or flooding, and even at our current house, which we've only been in for 7 months, we just discovered a moldy water leak.

It seems a bit unusual to have this happen over and over again. Any ideas about the significance?

Dr. Rachida Faid-Douglas said...

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Dr. Rachida Faid-Douglas said...

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